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So, there's a book series called Twilight and apparently its about vampires. I've never heard of it until I got on Facebook and the Flair application and every other piece of flair was about Twilight, and it makes me want to read them, but I don't know if they are any good. Can anyone tell me what it's about?
I love vampires, so I hope I have a new series to read!!

Also, can someone tell me the title of the books that were about twins, one boy and one girl, and they were ghosts and they had a ghost dog, and they lived in a resort or something and their house got rented out a lot. I remember I had a few of those but I'm not sure where they are and I want to read the rest of that series!

Thanks for you help :)
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Twilight is a fun series.

Bella falls in love with Edward, the most beautiful boy in school... and what else? Oh. He is a vampire. (Of course.) He falls in love with her... His family (all vampires) also enjoy having Bella around. The interesting thing about Edward and his family? They are, as they call themselves, vegetarians. They do not feed on humans, they only hunt animals. In the world of vampires, this makes them very interesting.... and the other vampires do not understand... and madness ensues.

I enjoy the writing, Stephanie Meyer is very engaging. (She has a new non-ya book out that is just as good as the Twilight Series.)

Oh, cool, thanks!
Is she still publishing them, or is it an old series?
Oh, it is new! The last of the trilogy is coming out in August!
Oh awesome :)

Thanks for the info!
Why hallo! New person here, but I just had to say: The Twilight series is fantastic. Seriously, I'd rec it to anyone. There's a movie coming out in Dec ([preview on my journal)

There is 3 books so far and a 4th on its way.
Hello :)
Oooo, who is in the movie do you know?

I need to go to the bookstore :)

Edwrd is being played by Robert Pattinson (HOT much? :P)
And Bella is being played by Kristen Stewart.

oh thanks :)
i hate to be the wet blanket, but i have one very negative thing to say about twilight:

it is a book about vampires. who do not have fangs. or drink blood from humans/kill humans. or burn in sunlight- in fact, they sparkle. the first two are present in every vampire myth in the world, and the third in most of them. i find this frankly ridiculous.

but if you can get past that, i suppose it's not a bad book. really, i feel it's one of those that you have to read for yourself, because everyone either loves it or hates it. i mostly fall into the 'hates it' category, but i won't tell you not to give it a chance.
Sparkle? How does one sparkle?