EmmaRen (emmarenhaw) wrote in notsoyoungadult,

Sweet Valley Fans

Hi :) I've finally figured out how to join this journal! :) I'm Emma, from the UK, and I'm a MAJOR Sweet Valley fan...and an even bigger Elizabeth and Todd fan :D I love talking about SV online, cos everyone is as mad about it as I am! I have very high hopes for the release of SV Confidential as well ;)

I'm the owner of The Hidden Bookcase, a huge Sweet Valley site, which is at:


I've also just started a Sweet Valley Forum there!


Hopefully we can get as many SV fans there as possible, and have some fun! (Its also a forum for other book series's, such as The Babysitters Club and The Sleepover Club, and any other series you like really!) I'd love to here from all the SV fans!!
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