BARRAGE OF HOMOSEXUALITY (j_crew_guy) wrote in notsoyoungadult,

Sweet Valley sequel still coming... and a musical?!?!

She talks about the re-launch of the Sweet Valley High books, writing Sweet Valley Confidential and yes, Sweet Valley High: The Musical.

"The updates don't bother me because the stories are still the same. I felt very taken with the ideals: love, friendship, loyalty and compassion, all the most classic values," says Pascal at her Midtown apartment. "I believe that's the time [high school] when they mean the most, and I knew that any high school kid would identify with that. It's also very dramatic, still, because the things that happen to you are life and death."

Pascal says fans will have lots more to look forward to - she's currently writing "Sweet Valley Confidential," a novel that follows up with the twins and their friends at 26 years old. She's also planning "Sweet Valley High: The Musical," which she hopes to open in LA this fall.

"I can tell you that what you thought was going to happen to those people doesn't happen. Different things happen," she says mysteriously, flicking her shiny blond hair over her shoulder.

"Ten years, from 16 to adulthood, has made very different people. And I'm having kind of a good time writing it, doing what I want to do with these people. But my stars are still the twins."

And here's a slightly dated interview with Francine.
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