bcsmurfettegirl (bcsmurfettegirl) wrote in notsoyoungadult,


So, there's a book series called Twilight and apparently its about vampires. I've never heard of it until I got on Facebook and the Flair application and every other piece of flair was about Twilight, and it makes me want to read them, but I don't know if they are any good. Can anyone tell me what it's about?
I love vampires, so I hope I have a new series to read!!

Also, can someone tell me the title of the books that were about twins, one boy and one girl, and they were ghosts and they had a ghost dog, and they lived in a resort or something and their house got rented out a lot. I remember I had a few of those but I'm not sure where they are and I want to read the rest of that series!

Thanks for you help :)
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