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YA/Kidlit GLBT book recs?

I just got the new Manny Files novel, and I'm looking forward to reading it, but the mention of the Drama! series in the new TLA catalog I got today has me wondering what it's like and what are some other GLBT YA/kidlit books that are good reads.

Like, are there any YA supernatural-themed novels with a queer protagonist? Or other lighthearted, fun reads like the Manny Files novels. Or just plain good YA/kidlit with a GLBT focus.
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I don't know about supernatural-themed books (I was never into that as a young adult), but for good old gay YA lit, I suggest E. Lockhart's Dramarama - they gay characters are mainly supporting, but the book is really good. And of course any of Nancy Garden's high school lesbian books :) I always liked Good Moon Rising the best, but as my previous suggestion may imply, I was a drama nerd.
Oh, I totally forgot one I just read. Another Kind of Cowboy by Susan Juby. It falls into a lot of cliches (standard, gay AND horse book cliches!) but it's still a good read. Really, the only reason those things bothered me (rich people are all MEAN STUCK-UP INGRATES! every boy in a tiny town is secretly gay! you don't need formal instruction or a horse who's not an arthritic bag of bones to be AN EPICALLY AMAZING RIDER!) is that the author wrote so well that I had nothing else to harp on :) Plus, a dressage novel! There are NEVER dressage novels! And it has what is possibly the best coming out scene ever written in gay YA lit history.
Tanya Huff's writing is fun and she often has at least one character who is gay or bi in her stories. Her most fun ones IMO are the Summoning trilogy. Lots of supernatural fun. She is probably best known for the Blood series which the television series Blood Ties was created from. There is a gay character in that and he goes on to be the lead in his own trilogy, the Shadow trilogy - these I found to be the most creepy of her stories, all very good just more scary.


November 9 2008, 05:19:31 UTC 9 years ago Edited:  October 28 2009, 06:33:37 UTC

Can't think of any supernaturally-themed GLBT books, but Alex Sanchez writes excellent YA GLBT books 9I particularly liked The God Box, which was had both realistic gay and Christian characters, and Gettin' It, which has a HORRIBLE title but is a good book.

Francesca Lia Block always has sympathetic and interesting gay characters in her books, which tend to have an element of fantasy and absurdity.

You mean for tweens or teens?
I'm on the lookout for these, too.
Alex Sanchez and Julie Anne Peters for the teens. Have yet to find any really good tween ones except "The Misfits" by james Howe. And my own, of course. Just kidding; it's not published yet and probably isn't even any good. :D
Tell me more about this Drama! series?
I know someone who is a youth librarian. Do you want me to point her here?